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Bruce Broughton George Bruns John Debney
Gavin Greenaway
James Horner John Wiliams etc ...


This little review honors the men and unfortunately very few women who are the reason why THE SOUND OF MAGIC came to birth.
The men with the outstanding talent to bring music to paper, that follows us home after leaving the parks, creating a permanent place in our memory.
Music that has an emotional power which brings tears and excitment into your eyes.
What are the Pirates of the Caribbeans without the famous *Yohoo* Song?
Who cares about Phantom Manor without the melancholic orchestral score?
A Disney Attraction without the right tune is incomplete. As we cannot imagine
anymore to walk through the parks without the accompaning musical mood.

Unfortunately many of these men go uncredited.
For instance, The Haunted Mansion Graveyard with the personalized tombstones
gives credit to the creators of this successfull attraction. All except one: Buddy Baker, whose more lively than dead sounding "GrimGrinningGhosts" Song is one of the most famous tunes in Disneyland Parks. And he is not even mentioned in the "A-Z All Disney Encylopedia".

In earlier times credits and indivuals did not exist in Disney's little world. And it is still a project on its own to find out WHO stands behind an attraction score.
Times changed fortunately... Special events (llike the 30th anniversary
of the Haunted Mansion) showed the fans' tremendous interest
in the "making of's"and creative talents behind an attraction.

On the next pages I want to present a few composers that in one way or another are part of the Disney Theme Park Magic. Please send me any additional information you might have, to make this place to a detailed source and biographical review for fans who are also interested in

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