My hero! John Cardon Debney was born in Burbank, California on August 18th 1956 as a son of a Disney Producer (wonder how he got into the business). After recieving his BA, he began working as an orchestrator and composer in Los Angeles. After a successful career in television, he made his first big impression on the movie music scene in 1993 with the score for Disney's supernatural comedy 'Hocus Pocus'. Personally my first high impression was realised in 1992 of the outstanding recording of THE PHANTOM MANOR. He worked for many more Disney Productions as the SpectroMagicParade and other Motion Pictures. Debney was honoured with an Emmy Award in 1997. By the way he also composed the music for the Touchstone Pictures Tags.

Attraction Park
Phantom Manor (rescored) Disneyland Paris
Spectromagic Parade Magic Kingdom, WDW
Everybody Has A Laughing Place (orchestration) Magic Kingdom, Tokyo DL
It's A Small World (rescored) Disneyland Paris
Kaleidoscope Show Epcot
Horizon Epcot

Score Used for
Surprise in the Skies from *Air Battle EPCOT, Fountain of Nations
Entrance Medley EPCOT

John Debney also was responsible for the Touchstone/Disney Logo Tag Music

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The offical John Debney Homepage Enter Here


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