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> ThEse SoUnDs ArE ThE BoMb!!!
favourite sound: Sounds of Splash Mountain
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: ThEGrEAT1991080@aol.com
name: Cody HenryFriday July 21st 2000 06:46:12

> do you believe in MAGIC ????????????? I DO !!! sean (disney cast member)
favourite sound: monorail doors (please stand clear)
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: sean.scrooge@btinternet.com
name: SEAN Tuesday July 11th 2000 01:31:23

> Wonderful stuff! You have captured the heart of Disneyland Paris in its music. (Certainly the most beautiful of the Disney parks!Ah, maybe one day I'll return...)Thanks for all your hard work.
favourite sound: music from Phantom Manor
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: mstaft@cs.com
name: Mark TaftSaturday July 8th 2000 08:58:34

> Hi , I use to work at Disneyland Paris and working closely with some of the characters made me realise what MR MOUSE really is.... Apart from the fact that he's a tight ass there is more one can know.... So if you would like to know if Mickey Mouse is really a boy or a girl..email me on the email address below. And maybe also for some back stage gossip ! :9) Robbie
favourite sound: Actually its "knocking Disney"
e-mail: pensaro@gmx.net
name: RobbieSaturday July 8th 2000 03:18:07

> this page is great!!!!!!
favourite sound: spacemountain
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: stubi81@hotmail.com
name: stuberWednesday July 5th 2000 08:22:06

> Great site Mikey!
favourite sound: ALL EPCOT MUSIC!!!
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.maxpages.com/disneyworldbgm
e-mail: horizons83@hotmail.com
name: Michael TenutoTuesday July 4th 2000 05:30:11

> Thanks for the site!!
favourite sound: golden dreams
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: pbburkeen@hotmail.com
name: Patrick BurkeenMonday July 3rd 2000 03:10:38

> A really nice page but please upload some stuff... thnx Maarten
favourite sound: All the tracks and songs and stuff from Mainstreet, The Pirates, Indy, THE PHANTOM MANOR
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.djrusher.com
e-mail: y.zandbergen@chello.nl
name: Maarten (DJ Rusher) ICQ#42208727Sunday July 2nd 2000 02:56:40

> Hello, je crois jamais avoir vu un site aussi beau ... c'est vraiement superbe... chaque jour j'allais voir si votre site Žtait mis a jour ...Et l'attente fut mŽritŽe! Encore Bravo:-)))) C'est vraiement formidable
favourite sound: phantom Manor and all
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.multimania.com/muba
e-mail: Muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: SylvainFriday June 30th 2000 10:21:14

> Well after reading your guest book i see there is nothing on your entire website about Me (Mr W.Pooh) and
My friends...we have recently logged on into this cyber thing and Tiger is fast becoming an internet freak...and not to mention i am finding many sites called "spread em - Porn sites". i have no idea of why humans prefer to have no clothes on the net... Anyway to get back to the point "EYOR is also asking why his picture is not on there" .....I trust you respond to me asap! Mr W.Pooh pensaro@gmx.net
favourite sound: Willy wonka and the chocolate factory
favourite park: Southpark
e-mail: pensaro@gmx.net
name: Mr W.PooHThursday June 29th 2000 06:06:33

> Nice to see the site back up and redesigned! Looks great!
favourite sound: Epcot's Fountain Music
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: sbratton@earthlink.net
name: Steve BrattonWednesday June 28th 2000 08:49:24

> hope you liked the original tracks that jerry gave to you in florida.
favourite sound: Disneyland
favourite park: Disneyland
web: http://http://us.imdb.com/name?Orrante, Greg
e-mail: fxgo@pacbell.net
name: GregTuesday June 20th 2000 10:39:05

> I don't really know what I should write here, i have never signed a guestbook before. Can you believe it! I have been surfing the internet for about 5 years, and just now i sign one! This is a great site! It's a wonderful resource for Disney park fans! This site may not have the most sounds on the net, but they are the highest quality. And that's more important!
favourite sound: The music on Main Street
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: Bigthundermtn@aol.com
name: Joey (Future Imagineer)Sunday June 18th 2000 10:50:19

> Anyone know where I can find Tapestry of Nations on MP3. I went to Disney World over Spring break with
My girlfriend and I am trying to make her a cd for her birthday, cheesey? yes, but if you've been there you know what I'm talking about, Peace.
favourite sound: Little kids whining in line for monorail when park closes.
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
e-mail: TrakGamble@aol.com
name: joshSaturday June 17th 2000 09:32:39

> The best DLP-site there is !
favourite sound: your fast Phantom Manor theme
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://users.pandora.be/SkyStudios/
e-mail: jovada@pandora.be
name: Joris Van DaelThursday May 25th 2000 03:24:55

> Great site, with great music. if you to are a great fan of pirates then check out the new pirates of the carribean lmt cd with the sheet music.
favourite sound: Manor, mansion and Pirates
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://listen.to/katapult
e-mail: Phantom@hauntedmansion.com
name: Maikel de BruynWednesday May 24th 2000 09:56:16

> Un mot : GENIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
favourite sound: phantom manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
name: SarahSunday May 21st 2000 05:19:21

> Pfff....wat a great site. I just came back from Disneyland in Paris,(i live in Holland) and was looking there for the sound and themes of the attractions, but they don't have it. I needed it for the video i am making. Then i found your side. Keep it up and running. You are doing a lot of people a favor.
favourite sound: Pirates
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: t368075@hotmail.com
name: JanFriday May 19th 2000 01:35:13

> Mikey, I can see that my original entry has been erased from the pages of the "Dreambook!" But seeing how I was one of the first to even make an entry so long ago, that is understandable. It just shows how so many other die hard Disney fans out there, like me, appreciate your page and all of the hard work that you have put into it! Keep up the GREAT work and thank you for sharing the magic of Disney music with all of us. -Ed P.S. - It was really nice finally meeting you and Robert!!!
favourite sound: Anything from Universe of Energy & The Great Movie Ride (Of course, I'm kind of partial!)
favourite park: EPCOT-Center

name: žož žož žož žož žož Ed žož žož žož žož žožTuesday May 9th 2000 08:39:20

> Excellent work my friend, well done! One comment: the text of your explanation of icons on the main page is in black, so you cannot see the text unless you hilight the text. Just an FYI... Thanks again, very uniwue stuff here! RangerJoe žož http://www.waltdisneylife.com Joe's Tribute to Walt Disney "A tribute to Walt Disney, a man who put a smile on the face of the earth through a mouse called Mickey!"
favourite sound: Main Street music, all!
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.waltdisneylife.com

name: Joe CutroniMonday May 1st 2000 04:33:02

My dearest webmaster,
My name is Romy Xaviera Vendorcult, and I'm a writer of Musical. just as you, i'm a very big fan of Disney music, especially Phantom Manor. I've listen to the music compositions you made for Phantom Manor. I immideately fall in love with them. This is why... At this moment I'm working on a musical in Dutch, called (in English) 'A name in the guestbook'. a detective and the companion are called in to solve a murdercase of 36 people; the weddingguests and the bride. Trying to solve it, they find her diary and a morningribbon. The case is not to an end as the thought. At the end they discover that one of the guests is missing and died 15 years earlier. They find out that Ariadne, the bride, had made a deal with dead. She would never love someone else for the rest of her life... Okay, so you know that now. Here's
My question. I'm hoping that you are willing to co-operate with me, and write more of that beautiful music you did before. It would be fantastic since not one of
My musical before has been set on music. I hope you would like to help me and to here soon from you, Romy Xaviera Vendorcult, Holland
favourite sound: Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.geocitites.com/romyxaviera
e-mail: romyxaviera@yahoo.com
name: Romy Xaviera VendorcultSunday April 30th 2000 06:40:32

> this site is
My favorite one!!! I have always dreamed about a site with all the songs of "space mountain" (the best roller coaster at disneyland paris!). I
favourite sound: space mountain ride
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: nicolas.chavance@wanadoo.fr
name: nicoMonday April 24th 2000 07:49:22

> This site is great!!
My only suggestion is to display somewhere the date of the update, so that we can know when to hunt for new stuff. :0) Thanks for the great site!
favourite sound: Discoveryland Sounds
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: DisneylandMan@aol.com
name: T. CrandleyMonday April 24th 2000 12:22:53

> Dear Disney fan I absolutely want to tell you that your site is wonderful. I found here
My favorites songs, I looked for them for a long time! The visual of your site is one of the best looking, too, you have a great talent, you can believe me!! Next time, I'll do the competition (because I manage to win...) A last time, all of
My congratulations. A friend
favourite sound: The Space Mountain Ride Score
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://arachide.free.fr
e-mail: tom.morrow@free.fr
name: Guillaume RichaudSunday April 23rd 2000 01:45:52

> I love your site but its time for an update. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Update. i come at least once every two weeks
favourite sound: all
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
e-mail: oakesdr@aol.com
name: diswizThursday April 20th 2000 06:42:25

favourite sound: Grim Grinning Ghosts
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: d.j.wohlgemuth@worldnet.att.net
name: David & Laura WohlgemuthFriday April 14th 2000 07:14:29

> Dear Sounds of Magic, Hi! This page is awesome!! I have a possible request. If you know anyone at W.D.I., I would LOVE the soundtrack to Splash Mountain at Disneyland in CA. I attempted to record it on MD, and is sounds HORRIBLE!! That ride sounds horrible. In the original design, acoustics were never put in. Part of the budget, I guess. So, after Michael Eisner allegedly said that, "This ride sounds like shit (horrible, who knows), acoustics were put back in as an afterthought. Well, it still sounds bad. It is not available on Digital on Demand either. :-( Well, if you could dig it up, it would be great! Thanks so much, and good luck with the future of this site! Magically Always, Daniel Rappaport
favourite sound: Millenium Celebration, Phantom Manor, Tower of Terror, etc..
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: RTInnovatr@aol.com
name: Daniel RappaportTuesday April 11th 2000 01:46:04

> I come to this site at least once a week, hoping and praying for a recent update, but even when there isn't one, I don't go away disappointed. Please keep up the excellent work! You've helped keep the Disney magic alive in a former WDW College Program Cast Member, and help him look forward (even more, if that's possible) to returning to the CP this summer. :)
favourite sound: anything remotely related to the Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/7477
e-mail: cweigert@gateway.net
name: ChristianSunday April 2nd 2000 02:39:21

> Ahhh, the most wonderful place on earth....My phantom maor..... You're site is divine, an amazing tribute to one of the finest and most memorable rides ever built. In case you haven't noticed I am a die-hard fan of the manor and am counting the days until I can be back there again. Seeing it's familiar shadow drift towards me onthe realvideo clip just made me shiver with pleasure! Keep up the good work!
favourite sound: Phantom manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/screen/9647
e-mail: Rbaynam@hotmail.com
name: Rianne Saturday April 1st 2000 11:02:20

> Hats off to you for what must have been a tremendously time-consuming project; technically and artistically, it's absolutely stunning. Thank you for giving such a lovely gift to Disney parks fans everywhere. Your page is beautiful!
favourite sound: Epcot entrance/Fountain Show music
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: wfwjr1@aol.com
name: Carla, from Atlanta, Georgia USATuesday March 28th 2000 04:15:12

> I have been looking for a site like this for....AGES.....ITS BRILLIANT!!!!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
favourite sound: ALL OF THEM - especially Discoveryland ones
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: none
e-mail: iflik@aol.com
name: CraigMonday March 27th 2000 05:32:58

> This is one of the best Disney sites I have ever seen (graphically speaking). I have not yet been through the content, but since I was so amazed at the visual theater you created I wanted to commend you immediately.
favourite sound: Music from "Impressions de France"
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: toddw@tcac.net
name: Todd WeddingtonWednesday March 22nd 2000 02:28:24

> Wow... what a great site... I am hoping that there might be a way to tape this off
My pc to enjoy in my car.. that would be great... It's nice to have the music without all the background noises.. thanks.... Minnie
favourite sound: The Epcot Fountain
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: Minnie0329@aol.com
name: MaryThursday March 16th 2000 03:55:34

> Why do you steal from the Walt Disney Company?
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
name: BillTuesday March 14th 2000 05:56:53

> Excuse me , Could anyone tell me which site is about the parade of the DisneyLand in C.A. I was there last week , and want to listen to the music once more ... Thank you so much !
favourite sound: That's what i am looking for
favourite park: CaliforniaAdventure
e-mail: finns@mail.com
name: JesseTuesday March 14th 2000 01:47:22

> Hello, I'm Geert from Belguim and a great collector of all Disney Items ( books , Music & all other DisneyGoodies you can collect ). I was verry happy to find your website with the original soundtracks of Disney - attractions, I'm downlaoding all your music from your site and tape it and i take it with me when a go to work. I'm working in a libary they now when i'm around because they here DISNEYMUSIC!Thank you for sending me an e-mail when your site was changed.Reader if you now other websites of Disney,you can send it to me ! I'm also a member of the Belguim Disneyland Paris Fanclub Meet the Magic ( mtm.site-online.com ).Do you have the complete version of all attraction exsample The complete soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean ? Can you send me all your music from Disney you got if you can .I'm looking for new sountracks on your site !For the qwestion of "
favorite Disney Theme park " i have choose Disneyland Paris because this is the park i only have visite (almost 50 Days ),the other parks i have hurt they were good , but i never being there! NEW e-mail ADRES :geert_van_loo80@hotmail.com ( i can't recieve messedges on
My old Adres :geert.vanloo@skynet.be anymore !!!Send it to
My new adres please !!
favourite sound: your website
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: geert_van_loo80@hotmail.com
name: Geert Van LooTuesday March 7th 2000 11:07:51

> hey great site you should put the date that you last updated the sounds somewhere where it is noticeable and you should try and find some WDW sounds (rock'n' roller coaster, alien encounter, test track in-ride, tapestry of nations, spaceship earth, countdown to extinction, kilamanjaro safaris, other animal kingdom sounds, tomorrowland transit authority, etc) but i LOVE the sounds u have this is the greatest Disney theme park sound site in the world
favourite sound: Haunted Mansion
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: clk430szt@hotmail.com
name: Cameron WardMonday March 6th 2000 09:38:10

> Boy! Am I glad I found your site. I've been looking for the "Rocketeer" music for a long time. Is the sound track from the movie available and where? Thanks for the memories!
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: mcolgate@fwi.com
name: Mike ColgateSaturday February 26th 2000 02:37:40

> You are THE definitive source for Disney park music! Keep up the great work!
favourite sound: Teacups "Unbirthday" song
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: Guvnor007@aol.com
name: Ryan Wednesday February 23rd 2000 11:22:19

> This is an amazing sound's page. It has the highest quality sounds I've found on the 'net. Very cool. Know it's hard, but try to get some splash mountain sounds, ppplleeeassseee?
favourite sound: Anything from Splash Mountain
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
name: JustinWednesday February 16th 2000 04:16:28

> Thanks for a great web site.
favourite sound: Discoveryland (DLP) Music
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: JeffSchlichter@hotmail.com
name: Jeffrey SchlichterWednesday February 9th 2000 06:35:12

> Nothing to add to what was already written... Terrific place, the gate to heaven... Just sometimes higher mp3 bitrates would be welcome. I have some sounds on
My own site, check them out! Xavier
favourite sound: It's a Small World's ticking clock
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.crosswinds.net/~xavdlp/welcome.html
e-mail: xp@mouvement.be
name: XavierSaturday February 5th 2000 02:57:16

> Hey, great site!! I love mp3s and Walt Disney World!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
favourite sound: Pirates of the Caribbean
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.geocities.com/wdw_boy
e-mail: silveradio182@hauntedmansion.com
name: EvanFriday February 4th 2000 11:38:07

> Hey Mike, Cool stuff. CanŦt wait to see when it is finished! - J
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: cago1972@aol.com
name: J.O.Tuesday February 1st 2000 12:09:59

> ThEsE SoUnDs ArE ThE BOMB!!!
favourite sound: HaUnTed MaNsIoN
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: ThEGrEAT1991080@aol.com
name: Cody HenrySunday January 16th 2000 03:24:02

> Hi You have a great page!!!
favourite sound: Fantasyland
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: tisvlis@zeelandnet.nl
name: Rene TissinkSaturday January 15th 2000 11:01:08

> Fantasmic page! I really enjoyed the full versions of your recordings! Thanks. I only have a problem with the "fonts section". I can't see them on
My computer! Thanks, A Dutch Disney fan
favourite sound: Phantom manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: E.Abrahamsen@kub.nl
name: Erik AbrahamsenFriday January 14th 2000 12:45:46

> Great site! I would love to see more mp3s at a bitrate of 160 or better, possibly having 2 files of the same music (1 small for quick downloads & slow modems; then 1 good quality for better sound & faster connections). Great selection, great site design (w/quick load times too!) & quick downloads. One of the best Disney mp3 sites for sure!
favourite sound: area music circa 1980
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
name: Jeff in BigDThursday January 13th 2000 03:31:09

> What a good site, I am surprised about how good the condition is. I have been getting sounds from here for over 2 years and it gets better every time. If there is anything i can help with, please contact me. i love the quality of the sounds. May i suggest more sounds on MGM studios. There arn't many. More on Epcot would be nice too. Please keep up with the great work. This IS the best place for Disney Sounds. keep it that way. K with disney luck, Chris Oakesdr@aol.com
favourite sound: Ellen's Energy Adventure, Twilight Zone, Epcot Parade, Hollywood, most of them are great
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
web: coming soon
e-mail: Oakesdr@AOL.COM
name: Chris the DiswizFriday January 7th 2000 05:34:22

> Great site!! Very well done!! It's always good to see someone else making a site on WDW!!
favourite sound: pirates of the caribbean
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.geocities.com/wdw_boy
e-mail: silverchair7983@yahoo.com
name: EvanSunday January 2nd 2000 05:10:45

> Great Site!!!!!! You should try and get some dialogue audio from some of the actual attractions like the Haunted Mansion one you have. You should try to find rides like Splash Mountain, Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Rock'n' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Kilamanjaro Safaris, etc. I would love to experience these rides every minute of the day. WDW is
favourite place on the earth (and I am 17), I wan't to(I mean WILL) become an Imangineer, it's the coolest job ever!
favourite sound: All
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
e-mail: whiskey@sprint.ca
name: Cameron WardMonday December 13th 1999 10:17:09

> do you have the sound for the 25th parade @ disneyworld
favourite sound: twilightzone
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
web: http://www.btinternet.com
e-mail: sean.scrooge@btinternet,com
name: seanWednesday December 8th 1999 10:12:20

My name is Jon and I think you have the best collection of disney theme park sounds on the web. Keep up the good work
favourite sound: tunnel music at space mountain
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: jeff.martin@mindspring.com
name: Jon MartinMonday December 6th 1999 01:27:02

> I Came here looking for mp3z or waves but didnt find any cool site anyways very respectable. Sincerly, Matt
favourite park: Southpark
e-mail: mattu2p@yahoo.com
name: MattSunday December 5th 1999 10:36:36

> Came to your site from the disney newsgroup. And it is fabulous. congrats on the great collection of music Tom Hoey www.carnivalbiz.com
favourite sound: Entry to Epcot
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.carnivalbiz.com
e-mail: th@rochester.rr.com
name: Thomas HoeySunday November 28th 1999 01:52:47

> Now that I have found you, I plan on spending alot of time here. Thank you. Great site!!!!!
favourite sound: Electric Light Parade music
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: Mickeymouse@mb.sympatico.ca
name: BobbiMonday November 22nd 1999 10:56:45

> EXELENT!!!!!!!
favourite sound: All (Pm, Pc)
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.multimania.com/phantommanor
e-mail: Muntjac@caramail.com
name: BruceMonday November 15th 1999 06:10:06

> Great new look to the site! Can't wait for more!
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: cakin@admin.usf.edu
name: ChristopherSunday November 14th 1999 09:05:09

> Waaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuw !!! What a page !!!!!!! Now I have all the music of Disneyland Paris at home. Wonderfull !
favourite sound: main street, parades, christmas
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://travel.to/dlp
e-mail: degryse.m@pi.be
name: Matthias DegryseSaturday November 13th 1999 02:09:19

> what a great page!I have been a great fan of the lion king and the music from the first time I heard it!I love Disney and anything to do with it.It is
My dream to take myself,my partner and
My 3 children to Disneyland in America one day!
favourite sound: the lion king
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
e-mail: michaelwaddicar@beeb.net
name: Carol A (alias lioness)Sunday November 7th 1999 11:09:04

> what a great page!I have been a great fan of the lion king and the music from the first time I heard it!I love Disney and anything to do with it.It is
My dream to take myself,my partner and
My 3 children to Disneyland in America one day!
favourite sound: the lion king
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
e-mail: michaelwaddicar@beeb.net
name: Carol ASunday November 7th 1999 11:06:41

favourite sound: Haunted mansion
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: floodave@hotmail.com
name: Dave FloodSaturday November 6th 1999 06:39:37

> This is a great page. Thank you so much for getting the music from space mountain at WDW. I never thought I would ever be able to listen to those songs anywhere but the park. YOU ROCK!!!!!!
favourite sound: Space mountain songs
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.moxieska.com
e-mail: joey@disneyworld.zzn.com
name: JoeyThursday November 4th 1999 11:13:21

favourite sound: MAIN STREET SONGS (ragtime by randynewman)
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.apeldoorn-online.8m.com
e-mail: randynewman@freemail.nl
name: MaartenSunday October 31st 1999 05:12:53

> Work has been a lot faster (and happier) since I found your site. And then today, we did a business proposal for The Walt Disney Company...I wrote it while listening to the Pirates theme music...very cool!
favourite sound: Pirates of the Carribean
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: cyenti@yahoo.com
name: Clannad YentiTuesday October 26th 1999 03:46:43

> toujours aussi bien ce site! allways great site! a quand les prochaines musiques?
favourite sound: all
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: mooserFriday October 22nd 1999 03:54:40

> toujours aussi bien ce site! allways great site! a quand les prochaines musiques?
favourite sound: all
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: mooserFriday October 22nd 1999 03:53:27

> toujours aussi bien ce site! allways great site! a quand les prochaines musiques?
favourite sound: all
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: mooserFriday October 22nd 1999 03:52:34

> You have a wonderful page. The soudtrack of Phantom Manor is super, but its a pitty that there is no soundtrack of the Timekeeper. Greetings, Sytze
favourite sound: Timekeeper
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: swiering@telekabel.nl
name: Sytze WieringSunday October 10th 1999 03:52:02

> I'm very happy to see that a lot more people than I thought are as enthusiastic about everything Disney as I am. This is a great site. I have had the pleasure to have visited both American parks and Disneyland Paris and defininely
My favorite part of the whole experience is listening to the wonderful music and how that livens up the visit. This site lets everyone who loves this music enjoy it again and again. Thank you sooo much!
favourite sound: The Enchanted Tiki Room
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: resto@fordham.edu
name: Edgardo J. RestoFriday October 8th 1999 11:37:51

> simply a word: wonderful!!! o like to remember disneyland paris athmosphere playing these sounds. thanks!
favourite sound: all in this site.
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: acorrias@tiscalinet.it
name: alexSunday September 12th 1999 12:45:15

> Aaaargh u really have a wonderful site! It is one of my favourites! Thanks for sharing!
favourite sound: Phantom Manor DLP, Spacemountain(especially the waitingline) DLP
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://disneymusic.cjb.net
e-mail: eelconielen@hotmail.com
name: EelcoThursday September 9th 1999 09:08:28

> The recordings are awesome, much better than other disney sound sites.You must tell me your secret !
My computer is now themed to the Discoveryland. I get oohhhs and ahhhs when i have friends use
My computer.
favourite sound: "Now Is The Best Time, Of your Life " Carousel of Progress
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/studio/2257
e-mail: Coaster08@hotmail.com
name: Adrian RodriguezWednesday September 8th 1999 04:28:57

> Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm sitting here with chills, the hairs on
My arms are standing on end as I listen to The Phantom Manor soundtrack. I've never been on it, and never been to DLP, but now I wanna go! Fantastic job! Keep it up, I want more! :) I'll be back! Take care. Dan
favourite sound: Pirates of the Caribbean/Haunted Mansion
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.tvthemesonline.com
e-mail: danbo@scorpius-inc.com
name: DanTuesday September 7th 1999 10:25:45

> You have a fantastic site. I am sending this because all of a sudden nothing works on your site as far as downloading the tracks. I have had no problems until tonight, when nothing works as far as trying to download and save these tracks. Maybe you will see this and fix your site. I have sent you 2 e-mails and gotten no response and the site is still broken. You did a fantastic job on the Phantom Manor stuff. Loved it. Your hard work was worth the effort. Now I would like to download more of your stuff, but for some reason, can't. I was on today and got a track and was off teh site in less than 10 mintes. 5 mintues later I could not get anything to work.
favourite sound: Pahntom manor
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: bruceroberts@earthlink.net
name: Bruce RobertsMonday September 6th 1999 09:17:59

> Very good site!woooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!
favourite sound: Space mountain!!
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: jacqueline.yung@mediareseaux.com
name: CindyMonday August 30th 1999 05:03:23

> Hi! Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your site. Not only the site itself, but all of the sounds as well. I worked for three years in the Magic Kingdom (WDW) and was bombarded by some of the sounds that you have posted. Not until I listened to them this past week did I realize how much I missed them! I left the park in 1994, so it's been almost like a reunion to be able to hear some of them again. Where did you get them in such awesome quality? What I REALLY want is a sound bite of the breakdown spiel at Space Mountain. When I worked there it was "Attention Space Travellers...." Don't know if it got changed in subsequent rehabs. I cannot thank you enough for putting these sounds on the web, especially the Tomorrowland area music. I had no idea what recordings they were or how to acquire them. You have provided me with an opportunity to actually enjoy these songs at
My leisure instead of having them pumped continuously into
My psyche for 6 or more hours! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Chris Cooper 8(:-) ChrisCooper@bigfoot.com
favourite sound: Tomorrowland (WDW) area music
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://chriscooper..com
e-mail: ChrisCooper@bigfoot.com
name: Chris CooperMonday August 30th 1999 01:51:10

> Oh pleez add some Horizons sounds?! Pleez oh pleez. Oh yeah, and add some old Magic Kingdom stuff too like "If You had Wings". The Home Of Future Living would be nice. Maybe some SMRT-1 sounds while you're at it. Can I have $20?
favourite sound: Horizons- Desert Farm Audio w/thunderstorm noise.
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.nuisancebatch.com
e-mail: weeeener@hotmail.com
name: Uncle NuisanceSaturday August 28th 1999 08:37:58

> Hi, I love The Sounds of Magic. The music selection is wonderful, thank you for making this site!
favourite sound: Phantom Manor and Twilight Zone
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
web: http://home.earthlink.net/~tvanwynen
e-mail: tvanwynen@earthlink.net
name: Josh Van WynenSaturday August 28th 1999 05:25:22

> Hi. I'm a boy from Denmark. Ithink thats you site is wonderful.
favourite sound: Parade
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://home6.inet.tele.dk/Sw/Index.htm
e-mail: Dingkee@hotmail.com
name: Jesper SchlebaumSaturday August 28th 1999 11:26:59

> WOW!! What an amazing site. I am in awe. Thanks for countless minutes listening to
My favorite theme park music!!
favourite sound: Anything from Splash Mountain
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: tallguy07@home.com
name: Jeff LauderTuesday August 24th 1999 09:47:50

> Halli hallo einen Gruss an alle, die auf dieser Seite Spass haben. Es ist die genialste Disney- die es gibt.......und die Sounds sind toll ! Viele Gruesse H.
favourite sound: Space Mountain, Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: Caboose77@aol.com
name: HeikoTuesday August 24th 1999 03:25:57

> Keep up the great work! I like so many of the sounds that you have put up, I don't think that I can choose a favorite!!
favourite sound: Too Many to list!!!
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: gpanza@webspan.net
name: Greg PanzaFriday August 20th 1999 08:18:14

> Excellent work! Very nice artwork & even better sound quality on those samples...Kudos.
favourite sound: maddam leota
favourite park: MagicKingdom
name: NobodyTuesday August 17th 1999 09:28:22

> Hey... IŦve got a question.Where did you have all these music and sounds from the Disneyland Paris ??? Please write me back
favourite sound: Alice in Wonderland, Space Mountain
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: mtgroove@t-online.de
name: David AnnelFriday August 13th 1999 03:13:30

> Ce site devient de plus en plus exelent this site is very exelent
favourite sound: The entier sound track of Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: Muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: mooserSunday August 8th 1999 09:32:33

> What a wonderful site. I've searched it since a few years. All the best for the future of this marvelous and terrific work. Philippe (France - Paris)
favourite sound: Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: phbanel@dial.oleane.com
name: Philippe BanelTuesday August 3rd 1999 05:29:09

> This page is cool.... thanks man.......
favourite sound: all sounds
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: stubi81@hotmail.com
name: stuber d.Monday August 2nd 1999 09:55:40

> Wow, Man! What a fantastic page. I'va seen a lot of Disney-relating pages but none of them have so much sounds on them. I myself am trying to make a page with movieclips, it is almost completed but I'm still looking for webspace to stall
My clips (3-4 MB each aprox.) So if anyone can help me with with it. Keep up the good or the best work. By the way the lay-out of you page looks great.
favourite sound: Main Street Electrical Parade and show-sounds
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://members.tripod.com/~Vladimir_Rasputin/TUX-1999/tux.html
e-mail: VladimirRasputin@hotmail.com
name: VladimirSunday August 1st 1999 01:19:14

> Excellent Site But maybe you should make an disneyland paris section Greeting Bjorn Wolters Holland
favourite sound: Space Mountain DLP
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: goodfellas@dolfijn.nl
name: Bjorn WoltersThursday July 29th 1999 02:11:07

> WOW! This is by far the best resource for sound that I have been able to find any where and both
My wife and I work for Disney, she even works in Walt Disney Music Publishing! Keep up the great work. Look for the new Aerosmith ride to open soon at MGM in Orlando. It has great music!
favourite sound: Haunting melodies outside Tower of Terror
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: erik.-nd.harris@disney.com
name: Erik HarrisWednesday July 28th 1999 02:52:51

> wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......pft
favourite sound: rip it tide
favourite park: AnimalKingdom
e-mail: www.shhh.com
name: Zipit!Friday July 23rd 1999 03:00:44

> You've got one of the greatest Disney sited I've visited! And by far
My favorite site! I've always been a huge fan of Disney Music! Having worked for Disneyland & Walt Disney World in the Entertainment Dept. I have many different shows on tape. If you are interested in some of them, Let me know Thanks so much! Please let me know of updates.
favourite sound: Tower of Terror
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
e-mail: KGuss@aol.com
name: K.C.Thursday July 15th 1999 12:13:30

> Hey, man! Thank you for existing! I LOVE YOUR PAGE!
favourite sound: G3 & (of course) Main Street Electrical Parade
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: indy@netsurf.de
name: TorbenWednesday July 7th 1999 04:58:18

> I've visited this place more than once. But now, I really felt that I had to write into the guestbook. This site really is MAGIC!
favourite sound: All the Area Music
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://members.xoom.com/mhajochems
e-mail: markjochems@go.com
name: Mark JochemsWednesday July 7th 1999 11:16:43

> Great Music, Great Site...after listening to most of the sound clips i HAVE to go to DLP again this year...thank you very much :-)
favourite sound: Phantom Manor Theme
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://surf.to/blinky
e-mail: celticspirit@gmx.de
name: Michael BlunckWednesday July 7th 1999 09:20:07

> Hi, Any chance of getting some of the music playing on the travelator from the car park???
favourite sound: All I can get
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://business.virgin.net/snh.dtp/snhdlp@virgin.net
e-mail: snh.dtp@virgin.net
name: Steve CrowtherSunday July 4th 1999 07:58:47

> Hello, I'm Geert from Belguim and a great collector of all Disney Items ( books , Music & all other DisneyGoodies you can collect ). I was verry happy to find your website with the original soundtracks of Disney - attractions, I'm downlaoding all your music from your site and tape it and i take it with me when a go to work. I'm working in a libary they now when i'm around because they here DISNEYMUSIC!Thank you for sending me an e-mail when your site was changed.Reader if you now other websites of Disney,you can send it to me ! I'm also a member of the Belguim Disneyland Paris Fanclub Meet the Magic ( mtm.site-online.com ).Do you have the complete version of all attraction exsample The complete soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean ? Can you send me all your music from Disney you got if you can .I'm looking for new sountracks on your site !For the qwestion of "
favorite Disney Theme park " i have choose Disneyland Paris because this is the park i only have visite (almost 50 Days ),the other parks i have hurt they were good , but i never being there!
favourite sound: Space Mountain and all the other sounds on your website
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: geert.vanloo@skynet.be
name: Geert Van LooWednesday June 30th 1999 05:44:04

> Great page! Love all your sounds! Makes me want to go to Disneyland again! I went last year in November, time to go again soon. I try to go at least once a year. Cannot get enough of that place!
favourite sound: Phantom Manor, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: ChristineJ@ixpres.com
name: ChristineWednesday June 30th 1999 12:12:14

> Excellent webpage! Keep up your good work!
favourite sound: Pirates o.t.C.
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://marksell-ekensteen.nu
e-mail: kent@marksell-ekensteen.nu
name: Kent EkensteenSunday June 27th 1999 06:51:40

> Hi, I just wanted to say I love your page and love the name/ logo design. Good Job!I was wondering though could you mark which ones are from American parks and which are form paris, or Japan. I only seak english and a little spanish. Well, thanks!!! See you later!
favourite sound: All of them!
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: XJ22Jaguar@hotmail.com
name: Joey (Future Imagineer)Friday June 25th 1999 10:20:39

> The ULTIMATE site for the parcs's sounds. I can just tell you : PERFECT. Keep the good work.
favourite sound: The visionarium
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.multimania.com/cyberd
e-mail: cyberd@multimania.com
name: GenesiusWednesday June 16th 1999 01:25:07

> Dear Michael, The Sounds of Magic is the utmost superior web page dedicated to Disney that I've yet to behold and the sound archives are a pleasure and a consolation for a person, such as myself, that would prefer to live at WDW rather than just visit. Thank you, and please continue this superlative work.
favourite sound: EPCOT Fanfare & Fountain of Nations
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: quagga7@hotmail.com
name: John KingTuesday June 15th 1999 01:14:03

> Thank u very much !!!! This is one of the most apetizing disney-pages I've ever hit. Wish I could add some tunes, but you seem to have everything. By the way: couldn't find the information about the DLP-parkmusic CD, as announced on the home- page. Bye, JvD
favourite sound: Pirates, You can Fly ( Peter Pan ), Main Street
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: jurdon@worldonline.nl
name: JvDMonday June 14th 1999 03:31:10

> This is a great webpage! I have to hand it too you. The graphics are amazing and you can tell you worked hard to make them! This is an A site!! Your mp3's are the best and you have a truck load of them! Thank you for making these mp3's so accessible, and with a site like this, don't ruin it by adding advertising on it. Thanks and keep up the good work!
favourite sound: Pirates of the Carribean
favourite park: Disneyland
e-mail: stingersplash@softhome.net
name: ClintSaturday June 12th 1999 12:53:53

> I am a very big disney enthusiast, as a matter of fact I went to disney world for
My honeymoon. I am glad I found you site, and I will keep coming back. Wish you updated more often. Thanks
favourite sound: Splash Mountains how do you do
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: jspoole@bellsouth.net
name: Jason PooleThursday June 10th 1999 05:24:31

> Great site !
favourite sound: main street
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://home.planetinternet.be/~degryse3
e-mail: degryse.m@planetinternet.be
name: Matthias DegryseTuesday June 8th 1999 11:56:23

> Really Great, thank you for the memorable music. Reading the dreambook I noticed a lot of Main Street Electrical Parade fans. For all Electrical Parade fans: in DLP a 13 minute version is available on CD including the French intro and OUTRO!!! Seven years ago I started building
My own electrical parade (scale 1:50) it's almost finished (october 1999). I like to hear if anybody else is making Disney-theme-park models, please let me Know. Keep up the good work this is the best Disney Music site I have seen, a tip for your links- site, check out the DIO-site for the complete sountrack of Captain EO and Honey I shrunk The Audiance.
favourite sound: Main Street Electrical Parade
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: jeffrey@kantoorcentrum-beuningen.nl
name: Jeffrey WijdevenWednesday May 26th 1999 10:33:19

> C'est un site merveilleux. Une grande part de la magie des parcs d'attractions de Disney sont toutes ces musiques. Continue !!!
favourite sound: Elles sont toutes belles
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: daniel.adams@usa.net
name: Daniel AdamsMonday May 10th 1999 03:40:07

> I think the thing that really captures the atomsphere in Disneyland is the music - from the minute you get out of your car and board the moving walkways there is constant cheery happy music playing whether you are in a restaurant, on a ride or in the toilets! Even innocent looking shrubs have arrays of speakers concealed in them blasting out endless zipedee doodah and when you wish upon a star. This website has really let me bring that happy Disney feeling back to
My home. Thanks loads - i'm planning to download them all and play them on a continuous loop. One little thing - the intro for the Main Street Electrical Parade (In French) is great, but could we please have the whole 'Baroque Hoedown' piece together with the intro. Its so disappointing when that tune abruptly ends.
favourite sound: Intro from Main Street Electrical Parade
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.manic-street-preachers.freeserve.co.uk
e-mail: samj@arsenalfc.net
name: Sam JacksonSunday May 9th 1999 12:49:15

> Ich darf von der AppleFront berichten: Jetzt sind die ewiglangen Einwortzeilen nimmer da!!!!!!!!!!! Danke nochmals fŸr meine web. Ich weiss, ich schþtze das nicht so, wie ich sollte! susn
favourite sound: Springbrunnen
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
name: susnSunday May 9th 1999 11:23:00

> Hello from France! Congratulation for your web site!It's beautifull and have all those great musics! The desing is very unusual and that's great! Keep up the good work! Thanks Xavier Ą0Ą
favourite sound: The EuroDisney Railroad whistle
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: xavier.mourgue@lemel.fr
name: MourgueTuesday May 4th 1999 01:58:29

> Excellent ! I always wanted Space Mountain music, the one you hear when you're in it. You did a great job. Thanx.
favourite sound: Space Mountain
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: sandrinelavaine@hotmail.com
name: sandrineFriday April 30th 1999 12:51:58

> Een fantastische pagine is dit man. Geweldig gewoon. Komt of is hij er ook in het Nederlands?
favourite sound: Electric parade
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: addie@mediaport.org
name: TimmyWednesday April 28th 1999 06:17:35

> Great page! I always wanted to hear these great Disney music pieces not only in the park, but alsaw when I get back home, but I never could till I found your site!
favourite sound: Phantom Manor & From Time to Time (Timekeeper)
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: ghosthost@dlpfan.org
name: Ariel LTuesday April 27th 1999 01:16:00

> salut ton site est genial ece que tu peut essayer de mettre l'attraction cherie j'ai retrecie le public/honey I shrunk the audience en mp3 et l' attraction complete de startour sa serai sympa merci louis-gabriel
favourite sound: main street
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: louisgab@cybercable.fr
name: louis-gabrielTuesday April 27th 1999 10:37:07

> Great page. I never have enough time to check it all out.
favourite sound: Spectromagic Parade
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.flash.net/~steve84
e-mail: steve84@flash.net
name: Steve LeVineTuesday April 27th 1999 09:29:43

> These sounds make a lot of happy memories flood back. Keep up the great work!
favourite sound: The music
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dreamworld/3505/index.html
e-mail: barnum42@excite.com
name: JoeTuesday April 20th 1999 03:09:40

> Great site, the sounds get the memories flooding back. Keep up the good work!
favourite sound: All of them! (I know thats not an original thing to say)
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
web: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dreamworld/3505/index.html
e-mail: barnum42@excite.com
name: JoeMonday April 19th 1999 11:12:16

> Hi, Nice site. You've got music I was looking for for a long time. Also your own versions are verie nice. Do you have the music on cd? Can I order one? Succes and bye Benno
favourite sound: Space Mountain & Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: benno@freemail.nl
name: BennoThursday April 15th 1999 06:07:01

> mijn mooiste droom dat ik 10000000000000 spaarzegels won en dat wij de reis naar disneyland parijs wonnen!!!!!!!!!!
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: nina@freemail.nl
name: nina trompThursday April 15th 1999 01:09:53

> This is the best quality disney music I've ever heard on the net. I should have been in bed hours ago but cann't help staying up to hear them all. I would love to hear more from the American parks as well.
favourite sound: Spectromagic
favourite park: MagicKingdom
e-mail: SGT623@aol.com
name: ShawnFriday April 2nd 1999 01:03:17

> I'm simply mad about the side. I did several recordings myself all the times I went to Disneyland Paris, but I really enjoy the music on THE SOUND OF MAGIC. Here I find what I want to have : a little of Disneyland at home : just close your eyes and listen to the sounds. I've been many times at Disneyland Paris, I live only 280km away... just a simple trip with the car... I own a tavern in Roeselare (Belgium) where all the decoration is Disneyana. On sunday, there's Disney-music all day long. So... I'm a great collectioner of all kinds of Disneymusic. For sixteen years, I was a professional singer and a lot of Disney are still on
My repertoire. Congratulations with the web : THE SOUND OF MAGIC iS FANTASTIC. I've searched a lot, but it's the best I've found!
favourite sound: Mainstreet USA
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://online.be
e-mail: valentino.fantasy@online.be
name: Frank ValentinoThursday April 1st 1999 12:45:15

> Thanks for these sound files... Steve Crowther 'Secret Corners @ DLP' http://business.virgin.net/snh.dtp/snhdlp.htm
favourite sound: 3cavern.mp2
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: snhdlp@usa.net
name: steve crowtherThursday April 1st 1999 09:30:42

> your site is Fun
favourite sound: Phantom manor and Pirates of the Caribbean
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.multimania.com/muntjac
e-mail: muntjac@bluewin.ch
name: MooserWednesday March 24th 1999 01:42:55

> OK. here it goes: WOW, WOW, WOW!!! The page is excellent, very well designed. Graphics are very nice and the layout is very user friendly. The part I loved,actually is beyond love, is the part with the originall music. The pieces that I heard where extremely well done, I wish there were more of them in the site. The orchestrations are awesome!! I added the site to
My favorites and I'll keep coming back to check on new additions. Keep up the excelent job. Jonathan
favourite sound: Soundtrack for Ellen's Energy adventure
favourite park: EPCOT-Center
e-mail: JFRONTADO@Worldnet.att.net
name: Jonathan FrontadoTuesday March 23rd 1999 07:46:13

> About Spacemountain soundtrack. On the official site of Disneyland Paris, you can find a movie of Space mountain. Is it possible to combine the sound of this film with your sound and so make the entire soundtrack? Keep up the good work !!!
favourite sound: Spacemountain, Visionarium, Phantom Manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: Lieve.Leppens@pandora.be
name: Olivier DijkmansTuesday March 23rd 1999 06:14:51

> Absolutely great site! I have listened to all of your sounds and I think this collection is superb! I had almost tears in
My eyes when the sounds brought back memories of beautiful days at DLP! Please go on with the good work! Please also take a look to the DLP-site I'm writing articles for and leave a guestbook entry! www.hoerstudio.com/disneyland
favourite sound: The ones from Frontierland
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: torsten_schneider1@yahoo.com
name: Torsten SchneiderTuesday March 16th 1999 05:19:46

> Hauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu hauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Hello there - That was
My impression of a Tug Boat! Sorry i think the Disney majic has affected
My ability to be normal - what is Normal? By the way - I can't get enough.....of........your..........site! It's simply supercolourfragelisticexpialadotious. And if i don''t visit it more than 1 a week i feel atrotious :o).... P.S. Michael i met
My Sweetheart (love) on a Disney . I knew Disney gives majic to all boys and girls but i didn't know Disney would shower me with the most precious gift of all - LOVE! So keep on loving Disney as it bought me the best gift of all!! Belly Button
favourite sound: Jolly Wolly Holly Day
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: bellybuttonis@hotmail.com
name: NAVALFriday March 12th 1999 09:48:31

> Great site, Mikey! Keep up the awesome work,
My friend!
favourite sound: Muppet Show Theme
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
e-mail: cantu@iag.net
name: Ed CantuThursday March 11th 1999 07:15:00

> wow. I'll tell ya, this site has the very best sounds I've ever seen! did ya take these off source tracks?
favourite sound: Phantom Manor / Haunted Mansion
favourite park: MagicKingdom
web: http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Paradise/3098/
e-mail: dbnolte@snet.net
name: FoxxThursday March 11th 1999 02:28:04

> Wow. Deine Seite ist absolut gigantisch. Super Arbeit! FŸr alle Disneyland-Paris-Fans habe ich auch eine Seite: http://www.hoerstudio.com/Disneyland/ GrŸ§e aus Ditzingen/Germany, Teasy.
favourite sound: SpaceMountain Blastoff
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.hoerstudio.com/Disneyland/
e-mail: teasy@stuttgartlinks.de
name: TeasyTuesday March 9th 1999 02:41:39

> L'importance du son... c'est les images qu'il permet de se remŽmorer ! A ce titre, c'est sur ton site que j'ai retrouvŽ la magie de mes sŽjours dans le parc. Bravo, gŽnial !
favourite sound: Miss Leota speeking
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://users.skynet.be/guig/
e-mail: ghislain.vanhove@skynet.be
name: leguigTuesday March 9th 1999 02:11:35

> Thank you very much for your job why not some video? Sincerely Alfonso Causi
favourite sound: main street and phantom manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: causi@sistemet.it
name: causi alfonsoTuesday March 9th 1999 03:14:08

> Really a wonderfull site! I was impressed by the quality of the sounds. Nice to feel a bit of the magic at home. Could it be possible to get the entire soundtrack of spacemountain at Disneyland Paris? Keep up the good work !
favourite sound: Spacemountain at DLP, Phantom Manor, Le Visionarium
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: lieve.leppens@pandora.be
name: Olivier DijkmansMonday March 8th 1999 01:16:38

> Hi! Great site you have there! Keep up the great work, and I'll keep supplying you with recordings! :) Anyway, I can only agree: The BEST Disney sound page on the web! -Dave
favourite sound: Phantom Manor, of course... :)
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://welcome.to/ravenswood.manor
e-mail: ravenswood@t-online.de
name: David G. RavenswoodMonday March 8th 1999 04:26:25

> Hello, Uhmm I'm Belly Buttons Cousin and i think you site is fantastic - Well done and keep up your great style. By the way are you the belly or button?????? P.S. I really do love the site Maria
favourite sound: Aladdin
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: maria@iform.com.au
name: MariaMonday March 8th 1999 03:18:13

> Hi, I think it's great how you put all these wonderful sounds together. One of the best on the web. It made me pay more attention to the sounds in DLP the last time I've visited the park.
favourite sound: phantom manor
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: nancydw@hotmail.com
name: Nancy De WeerdtSunday March 7th 1999 09:10:12

> Hi Mick. Your page is the greatest! Keep up the good work=)
favourite sound: Phantom Manor and Space Mountain
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: arend.olderen@wxs.nl
name: MarjoleinSunday March 7th 1999 08:59:00

> Hello Michi! Also,wirklich Respekt, Respekt zu deiner tollen (hätt ich nicht besser machen können ;o))-ist vielleicht sogar eine der tollsten im Web... Also,mach ja weiter so undöhm...ja... Tschü-hüss Deine liebe, kleine Schwester die Kathl
favourite sound: þhm....vielleicht zip-a-de-do-dah von Splash Mountain ???
favourite park: Disney/MGM-Studios
e-mail: k.balgavy@aon.at
name: KathiSunday March 7th 1999 08:34:47

> Die grösste und beste disneysounds page im web......MEGA by romedi...:o)
favourite sound: Phantom Manor Space Mountain Discoveryland
favourite park: DisneylandParis
e-mail: randulina@bluewin.ch
name: Romedi ZeggSunday March 7th 1999 04:21:37

> Very good collection of sounds! Great Web-Design! I've already added a link to your site. Check out
My DLP Space Mountain Pages with more Space Mountain Sounds!
favourite sound: Mainstreet Music
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://members.tripod.de/fms
e-mail: fms@comports.com
name: Felix MuellerSunday March 7th 1999 04:20:27

> Hi Mickey Not much to say but at least wanted to make it worth the effort of setting up the guest book by giving it another entry! Steve
favourite sound: anything Phantom Manor.. oh I love 'em all!
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://www.raintrek.ndirect.co.uk/disney.htm
e-mail: disney@raintrek.ndirect.co.uk
name: Steve WilliamsSunday March 7th 1999 03:48:32

> Great site, a must see and hear. The best sound collection available on the web. Keep on the good work.
favourite sound: main street
favourite park: DisneylandParis
web: http://home.planetinternet.be/~filipv
e-mail: disney.paris@planetinternet.be
name: Filip Van TyghemSunday March 7th 1999 01:23:39

> great site!!!
favourite sound: HM
favourite park: Disneyland
web: http://www.geocities.com/thetropics/9672
e-mail: lro@iname.com
name: LouisSunday March 7th 1999 12:39:28