One of the most famous voices of America.
The Voice of Disneyland.

Millions of guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World have been welcomed by Jack F. Wagner. He worked for Disney for two decades doing park announcements.

Most of the recordings were made at his own house where he had a recording studio. It was put in by Disney in the 70's and connected a voiceover booth in his home to Studio D at Disneyland in Anaheim. At this time Jack's home in Southern California was one of the first uses for a direct audio link from a remote recording studio. A big advantage for Disney – Whenever an urgent announcment was needed, a quick call was enough and Jack would already be sitting behind his microphone.

Jack died 1995 on his way to Palm Springs at a rest area. His voice is still being used in the Disney Theme Parks like the WDW monorail and still welcomes guests in the Orlando airport monorail.

Jack's tombstone
at Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills),
Los Angeles, CA


I proudly present a few rarities of
Jack Wagner's private archives.
Listen and enjoy!
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Jack's son:

Born in1953, Mike is almost as "enthusiastic" about Disney as his dad. Although his profession is radio broadcasting, he still would make Voice Overs for the Disney Theme Parks (he also did the V.O. narration for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Forever kiosks).
Many visitors and cast members call him the "voice of Disneyland Paris".
Funny to note, that the former french Park Management thought his voice would be too "american" and rejected his offer to make the voice-overs. In 1995 Jay Smith would ask him again and Mike agreed.
Unfortunately Mike left Disneyland Paris on January 28th 2000, and became the director of the french radio station "Nostalgie La legende".

in DLP Mike Wagner can still be heard as an announcer for parades like Imaginations Parade and Wonderful World of Disney Parade.

Disneyland Paris Opening Spiel (Rope Drop)
in 3 languages.
French, English and German.

Disneyland Paris Closure Spiel
in 3 languages.
French, English and German.

The last interview with Mike Wagner
as a Disney Staff Member.

on DLP radio 3.33