Disneyland Paris has a bunch of beautifully designed attraction posters.
Here are a few nice examples.

Unfortunately they are not being sold in the parks, although Disneyland is already offering its classic posters as minature prints.

Well,... merchandising at DLP never really was the best...

Please note:
These posters are not for sale at the TSOM. All posters (c) Disney-WDI.
To purchase attraction "atmosphere" posters please visit the posterstore.

To view the posters, please click on the round image.
The poster will open in a new window.
All posters are 567px high.

Mainstreet USA
  Casey's Grand Canyon Limousine Grand Canyon
  Molly Brown
Mark Twain
Big Thunder Mountain The Lucky Nugget Saloon Phantom Manor
  Adventure Isle La Cabane des Robinson Pirates of the Caribbean
  The Gibson Girl Peter Pan It's A Small World Le Chateau de la Belle Au Bois Dormant
  Videopolis Orbitron Le Visionarium Space Mountain Star Tours