Ever wondered what a Pirate wears under his pants?


I always knew this very "D" reminds me of something...



found at justinspace.com



found at justinspace.com


C r a z y
P a r k P i c t u r e s


I don't know what this Imagineer wanted to express,
but this is... well... embarassing...(blush).... it looks like... well you see it too, right? Or am i the only phallus-orientated person here?



Here's some
*Disney Cast Member Lingo*
And its unofficial "translations"
kindly provided by Derek J. Stucker
"The attraction is not open yet."
What did you think all those green and blue construction walls were up for?  Decoration?

"I'm very sorry, but because your child does not meet the height requirement for this attraction, it would be unsafe for him to ride."
As much as I'd like to see your little brat paralyzed, I would get in trouble if it happened.  Now go bother somebody else!

"Excuse us please."
If you don't move, a 1-ton cart will run you over.

"No flash photography please."
It's not worth taking pictures of.

"Rows 1 and 2."
Go stand over there.

"We will have to hold our position here for a few more minutes."
The submarine in front of ours is on fire and if we move forward, we will be too.
"I need you to step out of the planter, please."
What the ^%$&?$@ are you doing in there?!?!

"Yes, I do work here."
What tipped you off, genius?  The nametag or the dorky costume?

"No, I'm sorry, the Tazmanian Devil is not a Disney Character and therefore is not available for pictures in our park."
You're an idiot.

"I'm sorry the attraction did not meet with your expectations."
Bite Me.

"The nearest restrooms are right there."
See that big sign right in front of your face that says RESTROOMS in bold letters?  It's right under that.

"Thank you."
Go away.

"These 3-D glasses will impair your normal vision."
They look goofy if you wear them outside, and we get in trouble if anyone sees you with them.


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What is an Imagineer?

Officially it's purpose is to be the master design, planning, and construction entitiy for the theme parks... what it is in reality is a bunch of wackos all locked into a large set of buildings... Bran Ferren